Travelport's Galileo global distribution system is our preferred choice of technology for making flight reservations and with a wealth of travel content including cars and hotels, giving our customers informed travel choices.

Booking flights worldwide is a service we can offer with the latest airfares to coincide with your land arrangements anywhere in the world.

Travelport View Trip is an online itinerary we use which our clients can access from any internet ready device to keep them up to date with their travel schedules. If you have your flight booking with us you can simply go to View Trip, place you flight reservation number and your last name in the sign-in area provided to view your itinerary.

Travelport View Trip also includes other useful information such as weather, travel tips, security alerts, etc.

Ciao Experience:

We can tailor-make a personal itinerary for you by combining your 'Flights' with a variety of 'Travel Services', highlighted on this website.


When requesting a reservation for 'Flights' we require this service to be booked with other services.