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Welcome to Ciao Travels World 

 We at Ciao Travel are about “Travel for Travellers”,

 As a small professional travel business, our forte for many years has been in preparing balanced itineraries, ensuring cultural interaction with local guides, artists, cooks, sommeliers and produce growers; all whom are passionate to share their knowledge and stories with our travellers. We have always reflected on the sustainability of small community businesses and we love and value our local representatives.

Each of our customized itineraries and tours are uniquely designed to suit our client’s holiday wishes, and in doing so we are able to share our knowledge of a destination’s culture.

We arrange the opportunity to savour local cuisine with our cooks and favourite restaurants, accompanied by tasting local wine, whiskies or other native brews.

Spectacular scenery and discovering the secrets of villages, cities and towns is always best seen in the company of our local guides and story tellers. They offer insights you would otherwise never know about.

On holidays it is natural to find the time to reflect on one’s health and wellbeing, so a spa treatment, a little yoga and meditation can be slipped into the agenda along with a special interest activity, like hiking and cycling; or a visit to an exquisite garden.

Come Say "CIAO" to Italy, Europe, Britain and beyond with us! 



Cindy Bobbera
(Owner - Manager)