About Us


Ciao Travel is about “Travel for Travellers”, its forte is “no-fuss travel” with well composed and customized innovative itineraries for independent and group travel to Italy, Europe, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

As a professional travel business, we love to deliver “super-duper” holiday memories which derive from the teams combined experience of decades dedicated to their career in the industry and travelling the globe.  

Our travellers are more often repeat customers and referrals, who share their travel experiences with their families and friends, and for us this is always a delight to offer them peace of mind in planning their trips.

Your holiday shall be carefully customized combining a variety of services that ensure you receive a unique experience, delivering a journey that is incomparable and inclusive of all the trip requirements.

Our Signature Ingredients are…

  • Culture, History & Art
  • Food & Wine
  • Well-Being & Health
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Ecotourism and Nature

Luxury Mini-Group Tours are designed and escorted for travellers wishing to be introduced to the destination and its culture at a leisurely pace. In the company of native story tellers, we experience a journey complete with local traditions, history, art, delicious food, delightful accommodation, inspiring activities, discovery walks and spectacular scenery to ensure this is a trip of a life-time.

These tours are unique, slow paced with an holistic approach for taking time to turn-off and detach from life’s normalities; time to absorb another kind of lifestyle and embrace another culture; a time shared with other like-minded travellers in a very small group, a time to smile, and to just have fun travelling somewhere for you.

What is Your Lure for Travel? 

  • To seek a new destination?
  • Are you interested in the culture, history and art?
  • Connecting to your own well-being?
  • To admire the splendours of nature?
  • Or, purely to encounter the local way of life and plunge your taste buds into the cuisine?

"Time and indeed health are your most important assets in life".

Why waste precious time scouring the internet for the services we already have at our fingertips?

Simply contact us to do the job we are qualified to do best, “Plan and prepare travel”.  

Come Say "CIAO" with us to Italy, Europe, Britain, Australia and beyond!