Italy would have to be one of the most charismatic countries in the world, it is truly a traveller’s dream destination.

Let us paint the scene from north to south and east to west. Italy is a country of contrasts and mapped in the shape of a boot!

A home to 20 beautiful regions, all enticing with some significance, enough to lure the traveller’s attention.

Travellers whose interests are captivated by archaeology and history, this is home to the most fascinating and perfectly preserved ancient sites in the world, remnants of past civilizations, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans and the others who conquered for their piece of indulgence.

For Foodies, the delightful cooking aromas that escape from every bakery, restaurant, and Nonna’s kitchen, along with the alluring smell of coffee is very much part of what to expect in Italy, a country known for some of the finest food and beverage in the world.

Italy is also heaven on earth for the wine connoisseur, as the country produces an unbelievable selection of wine whose quality is supreme.

Outdoor enthusiast can find plenty to amuse themselves in the Dolomite Mountain regions of the north, that boarder onto France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, especially for hiking, cycling, skiing and climbing activities. The landscape below the mountains is a succession of lakes, vineyards and green pastures, sprinkled with neat picturesque villages, truly spectacular.

For art, architecture and opera enthusiasts, well Italy is the right place for you. This country is a living exhibition, all year round, with many galleries and museums; theatres and themed venues, located throughout the country. The art galleries and museums are overflowing with the mastery of Italy’s famous sons, like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and many others. The Opera Houses are alive with colour, costume, dance and singing accompanied by the music of Italy’s native composers Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and Puccini.

The highlight of visiting Italy is that all these treasures can come packaged into your rendezvous, along with the spectacular scenery from north to south; majestic mountains, stunning lakes, picturesque islands, rolling hills laced with grapevines and olive trees, ancient walled villages, and charming cities. In addition, the climate is ideal and the people warm and gracious. Italy is truly a delightful destination to visit.

How do you prefer to travel in Italy?

Sicly, Southern Italy
  • What do you dream of seeing?
  • Is a Cooking class for you?
  • How about a bike tour for olive oil and wine tasting?
  • A boat trip to relish the spoils of a majestic northern lake?
  • Are you interested in taking a walk back in time through ancient ruins and artistic masterpieces?
  • Do you aspire of staying in the luxury of a country villa?