Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance is to ensure you can travel with your security and peace of mind sufficiently covered throughout your trip, from the moment you book your holiday to the moment you return home.

The Australian Government recommends that travellers take out appropriate travel insurance, highlighted on

“We expect all Australian travelling overseas to take out appropriate insurance for their trip”.

Please be advised that for the purchase of International Travel Insurance, restrictions may still apply by the Australian Government until travel resumes for overseas.

Where to start!

Ciao Travel wishes to make it easy for you by offering an unbiased choice of two reputable Travel Insurance companies, nib or Cover-More.

Before deciding to purchase a product with either nib or Cover-More, it is important to read the (PDS) Policy Disclosure Statement thoroughly and ask the insurer any questions you have, before making your purchase.

You should consider the activities you’re likely to take part in on your trip and choose a policy with the level of cover that best suites your needs. For example, ample cover may be more important than the price and you may value things like accessible emergency assistance overseas.

If you have a complaint about a nib or Cover-More travel insurance product, see their (PDS) Product Disclosure Statement for the complaints process.

Contact us for Cover-More product information and purchasing cover for your next trip.

Travel Alert

You can only travel to your destination if there is no travel ban in place or if you have an exemption. Please research the area(s) you are travelling to and read the latest government and health advice.

Check to see if your planned overseas travel is affected; you can only travel overseas if there is no travel ban in place for your intended destination or if you qualify for an exemption.

Check for domestic travel information. You can only travel within Australia if there are no border closures or if you qualify for an exemption.