Please note insurance companies in Australian are currently under government restrictions in relation to not being allowed to sell polices for travel, until the Australian Government restrictions are lifted.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel is a rewarding experience, a time to enjoy yourself, be carefree and have fun.

Travel Insurance is a mandatory requirement to consider as part of going on holiday, never travel without it!

We want to make it easy for you to enjoy your holiday, by offering you a choice of excellent Travel Insurance policies.

It is important to select a policy that best covers your needs, over selecting a policy based on budget, to ensure you have ample cover for your trip.

Your choice to purchase Travel Insurance will ensure peace of mind.

Where to start!

We offer a choice of unbiased reputable companies for Travel Insurance, to cover Australian residents.

All the policies offered are designed specifically for worldwide and Australian domestic travel cover.

For non-Australian residents we can offer a policy for travel to and within Australia for certified age limit and periods of stay.

Excellent emergency assistance worldwide is also a priority.

The Travel Insurance we recommend, provides the very best emergency assistance which is an important service to ensure you get the best attention should you require their support.

We shall send you the Product Disclosure Statement for your perusal prior to making your purchase or you can view and download from the companies website via our link below.

Ciao Travel offers comprehensive travel insurance policies with Cover-More Travel Insurance and NIB Travel Insurance. On requesting a quotation, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will be forwarded to you for your perusal.

Prior to purchasing any travel insurance, we recommend that you always read your PDS thoroughly and ask the insurer any questions you may have, to ensure the cover offered is right for you.

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • NIB Travel Insurance