Ocean or River Cruising?

We at Ciao Travel love 🤍“Cruising Holidays”

Be it Ocean, Exploration or River Cruising, it is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, whilst discovering destinations you may never imagine visiting.

Cruising holiday packages are exceptional value for money and there is a cruise suitable for all age groups.

Whether you are cruising close to home or venturing far away, the best parts of cruising remain the same – you only need to unpack once, and the views are ever-changing.

We love the benefits and joy that cruising brings to us and our clients, the excitement of planning a voyage and the adventures that await.

What is appealing about Cruising for you?

·  River Cruising, Ocean Cruising or Exploration Cruising

·  What cruise experience do you envisage?

·  Somewhere warm to escape winter. 

·  Exotic or famous destinations.

·  Encountering isolated places to appreciate wildlife and remote communities.

·  What is included? Are there meals, drinks, shore excursions?

·  How do I book? What flexibility is currently available?

·  What are the health and safety protocols in place?


Ocean Cruising

Ciao Travel has the pleasure of representing a showcase of cruising companies from around the world. Luxury Small Ships, Yachts Cruises, Exploration cruises and Large Resort Cruises. All designed for different levels of comfort, budget, entertainment and activity preferences, destinations and durations.


Small Ships and Yacht Cruising

On board a Small Ship or Yacht Cruise these vessels offer a state-of-the-art cruising experience focused on the prestige, ultimate luxury and personalised passenger services.

There are Small Ship & Yacht itineraries available year round worldwide.

Depending on the size of vessel, these cruises usually have less than 500 guests to experience a luxury opportunity with immaculate service and opulent comfort.

Cunard – Queen Mary II

These luxury cruises predominately include state-of-the-art suites with balconies, exquisite dining experiences and beverages; immaculate service with choice for a private butler; entertainment, lectures, celebrity guests and specialist activities; spa treatments and wellness activities; exotic port destination touring and activities.

A highlight of Small Ship Cruising is the opportunity to dock at some ports on the itinerary for a stay of one or two nights and this allows for more time to explore the port location, day and night.

Ciao Travel can pre-book any additional services not included in the cruise cost for your convenience; such as private shore touring, onboard activities and spa treatments. You are also welcome to book services yourself, pre boarding or onboard the ship.

Sailing – Australia, Pacific Islands, Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean and Middle East.

Exploration Cruises

Ponant – Le Laperouse

Exploration Cruises, like small ship cruising, are smaller vessels and custom built for expedition style luxury cruises to remote places.  The technology progress has allowed for these vessels to operate in harsher, colder environments and provide access to areas not easily accessible, hence the adventure of this type of cruising.

These cruises offer ultimate luxury on-board with comfortable suites and spacious public areas. On board you will find a variety of services, activities, on shore excursions plus the inclusion of all meals and beverages.

This type of cruising is destination focused, therefore the onboard experience can be as enjoyable as the off ship excursions, with lectures and orienteering provided by experts, all whilst specialising in itineraries that venture off the normal cruise path to capture the extreme phenomena’s of isolated places for geology, environment, culture and wildlife.

Exploration Cruises are extraordinary opportunities for passengers to visit remote destinations, allowing for a more close-up immersion with the lifestyles of the inhabitants, be it wildlife, marine life and the people of local communities.

Sailing – Antarctica, Artic Circle, Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands, Americas, Europe and Africa


Large Ship Cruises

Cruising for Families is a “Value Holiday” packed with loads of fun.

Large Ocean Cruises are divided into the categories of Luxury, Contemporary and Specialty cruising that is suitable for everyone, especially those looking for plenty of activity onboard, whilst visiting multiple destinations from a choice of world-wide itineraries.

Cruise packages are designed inclusively to be budget friendly and easy for everyone: Solo cruisers, couples, families and groups of friends. Each passenger enjoys a multitude of services available whilst onboard; such as modern cabin and suite accommodation, most with balconies; all meals; access to multiple public lounges, bars, cafes and restaurants; duty free and designer shopping; entertainment and activities; swimming pools, gymnasium and other sporting facilities; venues for teenagers and professionally supervised Kids Clubs.

What are the extra costs?

Optional services come at an extra charge and these options gives passengers personalised flexibility. These additional costs take in a variety of specialty restaurants onboard ship, plus a choice of beverage packages, shore excursions, activities, spa treatments, shopping, Kids Clubs, babysitting etc..

Ciao Travel will assist you with booking the optional services or you can book on-board.

Sailing – Australia, Pacific Islands, Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.


Luxury River Cruising

Luxury River Ships

Imagine the delight of being on a Luxury River Cruise soaking up the scenery along the many beautiful rivers that meander through spectacular landscapes.

Sailing – Europe, Britain, Egypt, India, Asia and Peru.

River Cruising is an ultimate relaxing holiday experience, you put your bags down once and for the remainder of the trip you enjoy the places you sail by, and visit, along the way, whilst in the comfort of luxury,… it is simply bliss!

The experience of Luxury River Cruising is a time to indulge in the lavish comforts provided by these magnificent floating hotels. Designed with elegance and state-of-the-art amenities each company strives to ensure their guests fulfilment. The impeccable attention to service delivered by the ship’s crew during the trip is endlessly reassuring the guest of their cruising dream.

Sightseeing and activities whilst on tour are designed for an intimate understanding of each destination. There are many delightful stops scheduled on the itinerary and choices of shore excursions and activities with local hosts, as well as time to explore independently at leisure.

Special Event Cruises are scheduled each year, so you can indulge your passions and interests with other like-minded passengers on a unique and exciting special departure cruise. Events themes – Art, Music, Wine, Gardens etc..


Luxury Barge Cruising

Leisurely unwind whilst enjoying the unique extravagance of a Hotel Barge Cruise.

Barge Cruising is lifestyle!

Sailing – France, Italy, Britain and Ireland

Imagine calmly meandering along the inland waterways, visiting quaint villages, eating local cuisine, sipping regional wines, taking in a village market, biking down a countryside trail or walking to discover an ancient place.

These all-encompassing cruises are for those of you wishing to explore intimately, with other like-minded passengers or a private group of friends or family on intimate and comfortably crewed vessels.

Onboard you Barge Cruise you will experience attentive indulgence provided by the crew, along with their sharing of their local knowledge, luxury cabins with creature comforts, relaxed recreational areas inside and on deck, gourmet meals focused on local produce.

This in and introductions of the river regions spirit, an opportunity to immerse culturally and it is all about enjoying a leisurely pace and being in the moment.


CLIA World Cruising Master Consultant

Ciao Travel is a CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) ‘Masterr’ for world cruising.

What does this mean for you?

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world’s largest cruise association and is dedicated to the promotion and growth of the cruise industry. CLIA is composed of more than 60 of the world’s major cruise lines and serves as a non-governmental consultative organisation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), an agency of the United Nations.

CLIA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to safety, public health, environmental responsibility, security, emergency medical response and crew care, passenger protection and supportive legislative initiatives.

As a CLIA Ambassador, Ciao Travel are dedicated to participating in ongoing cruise training and conferencing throughout the year, (even during COVID close downs) to keep up with the industry going forward, especially now, the world of travel is changing. Therefore, we know the cruising questions you should be asking to make the right choice.


Cruise lines are at the forefront in developing responsible environmental practices, leading by example for the world’s shipping industry. Worldwide, the cruise industry has invested more than $23.5 billion in ships with new technologies and cleaner fuels to reduce air emissions and achieve greater energy efficiencies.

Innovation for a low carbon future with modern ships brimming with cutting-edge technologies.

Fueling the Future with the introduction of alternate fuels in support of IMO goal to zero emissions.

Recycling at Sea is about environmental sustainability, up to 100% of waste generated aboard – removing, reusing, recycling, and converting waste to energy.

Environmental Transparency is a CLIA adopted Environmental Policy incorporated for each cruise lines ship’s Safety Management System, involving multiple inspections of all protocols required to protect global environments.

* The health and safety of cruise line passengers, crew and destinations are an operational imperative and a top priority for CLIA cruise line members. Following close collaboration and consultation with expert health advisors and other industry-initiated expert groups around the world, CLIA's COVID-19 Cruise Line Member Policy sets a high bar for initial resumption to convey a clear commitment to passenger, crew, and destination health during the pandemic.

* IMPORTANT - Vaccine passports are predicted to become part of a requirement to travel. 
* A of majority cruise companies have already adopted the protocol for passengers wishing to book their itineraries.
* It is best to keep this mind when planning your future trip



Aurora Expeditions

• Cruises around the world are bouncing back as a popular holiday choice.

• Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries have already started cruising successfully.

• Bookings for cruises worldwide are now filling for departures in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

•Now Australia and New Zealand are gradually opening up to internationally travel, ocean and river cruises are the predicted attraction for 2022.

• Booking condition flexibility plus strict Health and Safety Protocols are in place, allowing for easier forward planning.

• Book now to allow for flexibility and choice of preferences where there is availability, to avoid disappointment.