Gardens Can Mindfully Touch Us All

If you are a gardener or simply love visiting gardens and wish to explore some beautiful private and public grounds, being botanical gardens, parks and estates on your trip to Italy, Europe, Britain, Australia, Japan, Singapore Canada and beyond, Ciao Travels passionate gardener, Cindy, has a list and tour for almost every trip, having visited many beautiful and eminent gardens around the globe.

There are many exquisite gardens in Europe, Britain and Japan, simply created throughout history to express wealth and stately prestige by means of displaying ornate and elaborate designs. These gardens are usually the showpiece of a palace or manor.

There are gardens to be found around the world created for pure fulfilment by avid gardeners, artists and those who prefer to passionately express their creativity through the beauty of nature. Exotic plants collected from around the world are often a subject of interest for these extraordinary gardens and to be visually shared with guests, by horticulture and botanist guides.

Gardens and people have come together naturally since the beginning of time, by means of survival, from simply providing food for the table, for therapeutic and medicinal qualities, and the appreciation of engaging with nature. 

Garden Day Tours

Ciao Travel introduce gardens in our Escorted Mini-Group programs and also for private excursions for those keen to explore some of the most beautiful creations. Garden Tours are designed specifically for keen gardeners and admirers of gardens, who are interested in plants, horticulture, creativity, architecture and history: or for those simply wishing to take time to connect with nature.

Luxury Multi-Duration Garden Tours


We offer luxury escorted garden tours in many countries around the world and shall be happy to discuss these itineraries and assist you in choosing and booking a suitable tour, in the destination you plan to travel.

"The earth is not just our environment. 
The earth is our mother". 
We share with not only human beings, but with all other creatures"
His Holiness Dalai Lama