Planes, Trains & Automobiles

When preparing journey’s that require the use of transport services, for obvious reason of getting from A to B and possibly C, the three most common options of flying, rail or driving come into play. Ciao Travel consultants have years of itinerary planning with all respective services fitting into a variety of client schedules.

Ciao Travel’s consultants will plan your journey to run smoothly, not like that experienced by actor Steve Martin in John Hughes 1987 comedy film “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.

Do you require Planes, Trains or Automobiles on your trip?


We have been booking flights worldwide for decades and we love working with interesting itineraries.

Our preferred choice of technology for making flight reservations, with the majority of world airlines, allows us to give our customers informed travel choices.

For the best airfares our favourite airlines are always informing us of the latest specials and news updates to pass on to our clientele.  The airfares we receive through our partner airlines are more reasonably priced than you will find directly online. This will apply for all class preferences – First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy.

When Ciao Travel books your flights we can navigate the airfare; routings and connection; that will offer the best monetary value and suggest the airline most suitable for your journey. Plus assist with all class preferences


Luxury Rail Journeys

Explore the World by Train, and share our love for Luxury Rail Journey’s.

Embark on a unique and spectacular train experience on one of the Great Train Journeys of the World, whether it be here in Australia or abroad in New Zealand, Asia, India,  Europe, Britain, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Alaska, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, and enjoy the luxury, elegance and romance of a holiday on wheels.

Visit our list below of the spectacular global journeys and take your pick!

The beauty of a rail holiday, is you kickback and watch the world go by, all whilst being waited on hand and foot! If your journey is overnight or longer, you will have the privilege of putting your bags down in your private cabin and your holiday then begins.

Imagine a Journey of a Life-time by Rail!


The Ghan, is a once in a life time “must do” luxury train journey, an absolute fascinating experience.

This authentic rail adventure from travels from Adelaide via Alice Springs, Katherine to Darwin, through the vast and ever-changing unique landscapes of Australia. This trip will take you back 65,000 years of Australian history, with the dreamtime stories and traditions, the first white explorers and settlers, and of course the Afghan Cameleers, for whom this train has adopted its name.


Imagine the feeling of stepping back in time, travelling in the style, initiated by the 1920s, on board the exclusive Venice Simplon Orient Express through Europe from Paris to Venice. Stopping to visit the beautiful cities of Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest.


Traditional elegance and indulgence onboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman to explore the very best of Scotland’s Highlands. This journey weaves through the heartland of Scotland, ever-passing wild and rugged landscapes, sweeping glens, a string of mystic lochs, picturesque villages and dramatic coastlines.

Asia Sub-Continent

Or for the more adventurous, a journey endowed with history and culture, a travellers delight, from Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan, on the legendary private Silk Road Train.


Or what about in the ultimate luxury of South Africa’s Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria across a tapestry of captivating landscapes, with exquisite meals prepared by top chefs accompanied by the best local South African wines.

Train Tickets and Passes

Travel by train and utilize one or more of the many options available for exploring Europe, the UK and beyond, as we can personally recommend this mode of transport for convenience.

We book and advise on a choice of train services operating every day between most destinations, along with High Speed trains servicing major cities and towns throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and other major world destinations.

When travelling for a longer period of time, to more than a couple of destinations, we can recommend and book the best rail-pass for freedom and flexibility for your travel plans. Overnight train services can also be pre-booked for longer journeys with the comfort of private cabins in both first and second class; and reclining seats in second class.

For rail fares and passes, we book these when arranging other travel services only.


Car Leasing, Car Rental or Motorhome Rental, your choice of these holidays on wheel is convenient in allowing flexibility on your holiday, and giving you the opportunity to stop off wherever you please, when you please. 

Self-drive is ideal for those who prefer to explore at a slower pace!

We have long-term partnerships with leading Car Hire and Motorhome companies world-wide providing our clients with domestic and international car hire, leasing and motorhome rentals.. We do our best to guarantee the highest level of service and the best quality rates for all customers.

  • We shall provide you with all the necessary requirements and authorized information to make your driving holiday easy.
  • A GPS navigation system can be requested when making your reservation.
  • Child seats can also be requested when making your reservation.
  • A recommendation for the most suitable vehicle sizes to ensure comfort and safety for all passengers.

To select a car and book – click here (Driveaway link)