Inspiring Choices

We have years of experiencing the personalised hospitality and joy of staying in some of the most fabulous accommodation around the world and below we are happy to share with you the experiences that have delivered so much memorable pleasure.

Choosing quality and value first is our main key to success and we encourage travellers to regard quality as their priority to avoid disappointment.

👍 We provide our service of booking accommodation to you ONLY when they coincide with cruises, group tours, our wellness programs, and our private independent tours booked through us.

Where Do You Dream of Staying?

  • Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Lodges or Camps, Italian Country Villa, Wellness Retreats, Ski-Chalets or Apartments?

Choosing quality and value first is our main key to success and we encourage travellers to regard quality as their priority to avoid disappointment.

We book properties through reliable sources, who are efficient in offering our clients with the best experiences and services, whilst being good value for money.

The choice is yours with 3+* to 5*, observing that ‘rating’ is only relative to compliances of the destination.

Our consultants have the expertise in finding the right property in the right location, to suit an individual or group’s needs and this knack only comes with years of experience in reaching and liaising with properties to come up with the best!

So if you value your own time, opposed to surfing the ‘internet’, we are happy to assist in booking accommodation for you.

Retreats and Villas in Italy

Come stay on one of our family-owned country retreats or self-contained villas and enjoy your space to immerse at leisure into the blissful tranquillity of the scenic rural surroundings.

Our exclusive range of historical properties are converted from stately and traditional homes, monasteries, farmhouses and barns to make up a variety of luxury hotels,  country houses, apartments and villas. Each authentic to their city and region not to mention conveniently located in the vicinity to many local attractions.

Each property is “handpicked” predominantly by ourselves, warranting a high standard of quality for cleanliness, facilities, service and location.  We have enjoyed the privilege of being a guest at each of our presented properties and they have a special place in our heart.

Luxury Lodges in Australia

Australian Luxury Lodges are effectively a collection of unique upscale experiences and all in extraordinary spectacular locations, and Ciao Travel is here to assist with making the difficult choice of where to stay first!

Each luxury lodge or camp is independent and represents a new style of elegance and opulence, treating only a small number of guests, at any one time, to an unforgettable experience.  The lodges are about a sense of place for guests to connect to the region and understand the diversity and authenticity of the Australian way, be it coastal, outback desert, reef, rainforest, island, vineyards and culinary destinations.

Staying at any one of these boutique Luxury Lodges or Camps, located throughout Australia, will purely be a memorable destination.