The continent of Europe has been luring travellers for hundreds of years, and in that time boarders of countries have changed and new nations formed. The visitors who travel to this part of the world, come to see new places through their own curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the culture, arts, history, science, architecture and food, that is unique to each and every country.

Ciao Travel’s team wish to share our knowledge on the highlights of visiting each country; places to stay; exploring beautiful historical cities and towns; intriguing UNESCO and ancient sites; monuments, museums and galleries; local places to taste delicious cuisine and the hidden gems on the not-so-travelled-road.

Customising itineraries based on a travellers preference is highly prioritised by our team, with the consideration of quality and value for money, to ensure a successful journey.

How do you Prefer to Travel in Europe?

When planning your trip you may wish to take the relaxed option of an all inclusive Luxury Group Tours where you enjoy many spectacular places and are introduced to wonderful encounters, stay in charming high quality hotels, travel in modern coaches, mini-coach or on an opulent rail journey. A Luxury Group Tour ensures your receive knowledgeable information and assistance from professional representatives who are enthusiastic and care for their travellers. You can be reassured that included added highlights are a given to make for a wonderful easy holiday experience.

Travelling independently may be your preference to allow for freedom and a little adventure. Hiring a rental vehicle for self-drive touring is the option that allows for stopping off wherever you wish along the way. Or take the convenient rail services with extensive networks throughout the continent. Then to simplify your trip, we can pre-arrange accommodation in some wonderful locations and introduce you to amazing local guides for sightseeing excursions and activities, so you have more time to explore and enjoy than waste time searching the many online booking sites.

We offer a showcase of tailored private touring services throughout most of Europe and especially in Italy, Malta, France, Croatia, Greece and Spain, where we offer the services of our personalised representatives, for a more private and intimate touring.

There is a multiple choice of day tours and short duration excursions to enable you to cover some ground whilst enjoying the destination; from walking tours, bike tours, tours with transport; visiting gardens, ancient site, national monuments, food, whiskey and brews.

*There is 44 countries that makes up the continent of Europe, according to the United Nations. Implicating there is 44 incredible destinations bursting with unique cultural experiences, delicious food and stunning environments to be enjoyed. 

Touring options suited to all ages, travelling independently or in a group.