“Travel is about journeys, both within and without”

Ciao Travel’s forte is “no-fuss travel” with well composed itineraries, proposing interactive, enriching and fun experiences. As a boutique travel-agency, we choose not to promote cheap mainstream-travel deals, our focus is on listening to our clients and providing quality valued trips.

Culture, Art, History, Music, Food, Gardens, Nature and overall Well-Being, be it on Land or Sea.

All journeys are customised, comprehensive and inclusive of luxury essentials that are unique to each of our independent travellers or group’s wishes. Our knowledge of a destination, its culture and highlighted experiences can be introduced into your customised journey, along with any special interests.

Ciao Travel’s specialty destinations are Italy, Europe, Britain, Ireland and Australia, created by our in-depth personalised knowledge of living, working and travelling in each of these wonderful places. Our company has operated by word-of-mouth recommendations over many years, as our travellers have continued to enjoy the holidays created for them by our travel specialists and the wonderful people and places they have been introduced to through their unique itineraries.

Beyond is everywhere else in this captivating world; the exotic, the spectacular, the untouched, the vibrant, and the surprising; places like New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, the Americas and the list goes on; all places we love and have been fortunate to travel to by land, air or sea.

Environmental focus is the responsibility of everyone world-wide, and we encourage traveller’s to support tourism choices that are committed to treading lightly on our fragile planet, to ensure the existence of every living thing is protected for a sustaining and positive future.

What is Your Lure for Travel? 

Seeking a new destination and immersing in culture?

Plunging your taste buds into the local cuisine?

Purely connecting with nature?

“Travel to anywhere, is travel to somewhere. A place to broaden ones mind of cultural diversities and the understanding of life’s complexities, simplicities and wellbeing.”

Cindy Bobbera


Why book with a Travel Agent?

These days, it’s possible to book almost anything online, but when it comes to travel, there are many advantages in planning and booking your dream holiday with a an expert in the field, a professional Travel Agent. A real person.

Our Team

We would like to introduce you to our team of highly trained, professional, creative and experienced Travel Consultants.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Cindy Bobbera

Cindy Bobbera  

Owner Manager – Travel Specialist

Travel for Cindy is about ones curiosity and intrigue for exploring new places or revisiting cherished ones; the people met and friendships built along the way; the wonderful sentiment felt when initially introduced into a new culture; the food, the history, arts, natural landscapes and wildlife; the love for creativity captured in inspiring gardens; all of which she has been fortunate to relish in her global journeys over many years. 

Cindy’s love for travel has also been inspired by her immediate family connections to Scotland and Italy, as migrants to Australia in the 1950s, along with her Anglo-Australian ancestry.

Ciao Travel was founded by Cindy in 2008, and since then she continues to accomplished her vision of sharing her first-hand travelling experiences and her knowledge; enriched by a career of over 40 years in the Travel Industry; to create customized vacations that allow each traveller an opportunity to immerse into their dream trip.

Cindy has engaged in further education for both her personal and career interests, completing a majority of recognised and accredited Travel Industry courses and seminars,; studied Anthropology and History at Deakin University; Horticulture, Italian Language, and a range of Wellbeing courses through other education channels, as she strongly believes education is the access to ones freedom of mind and soul.

Cindy’s much-loved pastimes are spent with her family, friends and beautiful dogs; gardening; reading, wellbeing practices, healthy food and wine and of course travelling.