Characteristic’s of Culture

What is Your Interest?

Cultural touring is not for everyone, however Ciao Travel encourages travellers to sample an experience, at least by “tipping your toe in the water”, as more often you can be nicely surprised.

 By supporting local people and their communities, through joining their cultural tours and activities, is an opportunity to build relationships whilst gaining personal enrichment.

Ciao Travel has a tour for everyone of every age!

Guides Make a Difference

Local guides have a special gift when sharing their stories, as they deliver with passion the historical or relevant information contrived from their professional background of extensive study and on-the-ground experience. Ciao Travel has been employing the services of our own selected guides over many many years and we love the enthusiasm, smiles and friendships they create for our clients. Your personal guide may even assist with where to eat, popular local restaurants, where to catch public transport and even how to master crossing a busy road!

A local guides knowledge of their home-ground brings to life the colour and magic of the place visited. 
We at Ciao Travel are looking forward to share with you, an absolutely delicious and memorable guided experiences. 

Cultural Journey in Europe and Britain

Be enlightened when travelling to Italy, Europe, Britain and Ireland by investing in a guided cultural immersion into local the culture. Enjoy the opportunity to be taken back in history and to learn about the lives of people in a time gone by; Those who conquered and those who where royalty; famous artists, poets, musicians, scientists, physicians, inventors, human rights advocates and even the villains!

You will be inspired by the grandeur of old and modern architecture, engineering feats and inventions; the designs of romantic tree lined boulevards, parks and gardens; narrow cobbled streets, canals and waterways along with the importance of public hubs like community squares and lively produce markets.

There is no trip to Europe and Britain where you can avoid a rendezvous with its historical timeline; be it a visit to ruins of ancient civilizations; exploring medieval castles; or viewing the masterpieces of the European Renaissance (15th and 16th centuries); right through to the Industrial Revolution; European Colonisation (of Africa and Asia); followed by the impact of two World Wars; the Iron Curtain; and resonating to what is now modern Europe and Britain.

Visual Arts

Europe has a history of art that goes back hundreds of years, however for the discerning enthusiast who take pleasure in art or those who are keen to be introduced, there is so much choice from traditional works to modern and contempory.

Ciao Travel offer private and group tours with licensed guides, who we know specialise in this field, so for those interested make some time to be introduced to the masterpieces and related stories of Europes artists, both male and female.

Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Monet, Vermeer, Renoir, Rembrandt, Klimt, Van Gogh, Picasso, Munch, Vigée Le Brun, Anguissola, Gentileschi, Leyster, Bonheur, O’Keeffe, Morisot, Cassatt, Kalo and many others.

Performing Arts

Attending a concert or festival, especially for those who appreciate the talent, creativity and the spirit of the Preforming Arts, can be a great reason to travel or to take time-out from the normal formalities of sightseeing, by simply enjoying a theatrical performance or music festival.

Wherever it is happening in the world, why not absorb the atmosphere of an artistic performance or music festival.

  • Ask us about where to see the opera, ballet, theatre or local concert of traditional dancing;
  • Or where to listen to a choir sing, orchestra or other musicians play;  
  • Where to attend a Celtic Festival, Jazz Festival, or Fringe Festival;
  • For those visiting Scotland, a night at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a show not to be missed.

Cultural Immersion Beyond

Ask us about the delightful encounters we can tailor into your itinerary for an inspiring trip in Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam; each of these destinations are steeped in their own history, art and tradition; and their custodians are looking forward to welcoming you.

What are your interests?

We recommend joining an interactive experience for a broader understanding of local community lifestyle, these tours are informative, fun and excellent for our youngsters.

Participating in traditional Arts & Crafts whilst touring may be arranged for individuals and special interest groups.

  • · Exploring fascinating local neighbourhoods with a local guide who lives and breathes in the area, is always an adventure, and a valuable insight into the way others live..
  • Let’s introduce you to Italian Artisans; be they painters, jewelers, sculptors, glass blowers, mask-makers, woodworkers and fashion designers; together with our guides to ensure you gain the best experience.
  • Local textiles and arts sustainability tours are an interesting eye-opener; to appreciate the labour required to weave a carpet, or piece of traditional fabric; or the working of leather, the dying technics and the creativity behind the products design, is fascinating. Afterwards you have the fun opportunity to make a souvenir purchase.
  • Cooking classes and markets tours go well together, in the company of a local cook or chef, bring insight into the daily life of “hunting and gathering” in order to prepare hands-on, a delicious feast.
  • Visiting a local produce farm to learn hands-on unique techniques in the work that goes into making the product. This a great way to learn about the community and their produce important to them.
  • Join a local fisherman’s tour to learn the unique ways adopted by communities, who are reliant on the ocean and lakes for their sustainability; their unique fishing techniques, and the catch preparation, ready for eating.
  • A tea ceremony is an interesting cultural experience, as the tradition introduces customary protocol and respect, that requires a lot more skill and training than simply boiling the kettle for a cupper!.
  • In Japan, the people want their guests to experience their culture, and the making of age old traditional crafts; beautiful Handkerchiefs, famous kitchen knives, Origami or Flower Arranging; for a first hand experience.

 In Japan, these neatly finished squares of cloth, individually packed in cellophane known as hankachi are a delightful souvenir; that are characteristically printed with a Japanese motif, as an ukiyo print or local view, and the fabric is soft, which seems positively unjust to apply to a runny nose; and are more so traditionally used for dabbing a sweaty brow on a hot summers day. 
Joy Hendry, an inspiring Anthropologist. 

Artworks and Stories of First Nations

Learning more from First Nation People here in Australia and other places around the world, gives us an opportunity to understand their heritage, contributions and culture, through their fascinating artwork, stories and wise teachings. It is exceptionally important for everyone of all nations to embrace the diversity of cultural connection, as a vital source to share expressions of art, literature, music and the reasoning for certain traditions.

The best way to learn about our world’s First Nation cultures is to join a tour with a local custodian for a genuine information on community rituals and ancestral techniques to how they sustain their daily life; through traditions passed down in order to protect environments for the survival of all living species, to avoid extinction, and to care for mother earth.

Enjoy learning from First Nations peoples.

Australia Aboriginal Bush Tucker, Rock Art or what happens at a “Corroboree“; or the meaning behind wood carvings and beautifully decorated “Totem poles” that differ with the First Nation People throughout Canada and Alaska; and in New Zealand attend a “Welcoming Ceremony” by the Maori people, learn about their “Treaty of Waitangi” and the patterns related to their traditional tattooing “ta mono”.

Ask us about joining a First Nation tour or excursion on your next trip, be it by land or whilst on a cruise, as we love connecting our clients to these fun and informative experiences in the company of local First Nation guides.


Tour Types and Durations

Ciao Travel offers a choice of full day or half day tours.

Sightseeing tours vary in duration depending on the nature of the tour, the location and travel time from start to finish.

  • A variety of full day and half day tours inclusive of related services to visit inspiring palaces, galleries, museums, ancient sites, historical landmarks, extraordinary gardens and beautiful villages.
  • All tours either operate with transport, as a Walking Tour, Bike Tour, Boat Tour or even by air, together with a specialist guide and/or tour operators, which are excellent for up close encounters with the culture.