Surprise Someone Special

Special Occasions are always memorable events, no matter how we choose to celebrate them, and then there is the decision of the gift!

Are you the Host?

The gift can be an awkward topic for those hosting a celebration, as feelings of being impolite arise at tackling the suggestion, especially for Weddings.

In celebrating your own special occasion, and wishing to avoid the awkwardness of a gift with your guests, we can assist you with a travel “Gift Card”, a fund in lieu of a gift being purchased by your guest. All gift amounts are considered a generous contribution towards a future holiday, in memory of your occasion from someone special.

Are you a Guest?

As a guest the uncertainty of knowing the right gift to buy for your host, can be often very difficult.

Therefore, why not treat them to a ‘Gift Card’ by purchasing a disclosed amount you wish to contribute towards a special holiday in memory of you and your kind thought in celebrating their special occasion.

Please scroll down to refer to the Terms & Conditions.

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Gift Card – Terms & Conditions

  • Ciao Travel’s Gift Card with a $ (dollar) value is valid for the commencement of travel within 24 months from the date of purchase.
  • The Gift Card can be e-mailed immediately to either the recipient or purchaser, upon confirmation of payment and completion of the Gift Card application form on our website.
  • A choice to have a formal paper Gift Card posted to you or your loved one can be arranged, for a fee.
  • Please note a minimum of 5 business days must be allowed to cover postage time.
  • The Gift Card is issued for a value of the purchases choice.
  • To comply with the Australian Privacy Act, we are unable to disclose the gift value, if the request for the value is to be concealed, by the person purchasing the Gift Card.
  • The Recipient of the Gift Card may redeem their gift by contacting Ciao Travel directly by phone or by e-mail and quoting their ‘Gift Card Number’ along with providing proof of identity (photographed identity) for the security purposes.
  • The voucher must be used for travel services only that are recommended and booked through Ciao Travel, and is not refundable for cash value.
  • The voucher is non-transferable to any other participant.
  • Booking Terms & Conditions will apply once the recipient is ready to proceed with booking their travel services.
  • All Ciao Travel’s normal Booking Fees along with Supplier taxes, service charges will apply to the reservation.