What is Your Choice of Touring?

Choose here and read more about – Luxury Couch Touring for those looking for first class creature comforts, or for the younger generations – 18s to 35s Touring or for creating memories with the ones you love – Family Coach Tours.

Let us assist you with making the right decision to ensure you choose the best and most comfortable experience to travel with ease.

Luxury Coach Touring

Coach Tours are available worldwide to enable “hassle free” vacations.

Escorted Coach Tours have been popular with our clientele for many years and we always enjoy their fun filled stories on their return.

We represent tour operators who have been designing tours for over 70 years, they are professionals for attention to detail and offer all the services that provide guests on their tours an opportunity to travel with ease, make connections with the magic of the destination and the people they meet throughout their trip.

The pricing of a Luxury Coach tour is inclusive of most services and excellent value, designed for larger groups, of 20 to 40+ passengers. Each luxury tour operator offer their own signature and unique opportunities throughout their tours that are sure to unlock many memorable and enjoyable moments for each and every traveller.

At Ciao Travel we take the time to listen and discuss the tour details and itineraries thoroughly, as it is important to us, to ensure you ‘call-on’ or ‘stay’ in the places you have dreamt of visiting.

There is a generous variety of tours world-wide to choose from, with the finest comprehensive itineraries in the tour operators specialty destinations, all hand-crafted from years of understanding their passenger’s likes and what their passengers enjoy.

18s to 35s Coach Touring

Experience a tour for 18s to 35 year olds and enjoy by celebrate your
youth with the vibrancy and curiosity that seeks fun and adventure.

These tours are inspiring, professionally operated and specifically designed for the younger age traveller.

Only reputable tour operators in this field are who we recommend. Each have their
own styles of touring, expertise, budget friendly inclusions, amazing activities
and cultural highlights; with unforgettable itineraries in multiple
destinations around-the-world.

A highlight of these tours, is that it brings young people together from all
corners of the world to explore and enjoy their travels together whilst
learning also about each other and their homelands.

So are you looking to create lifelong memories, make new friends whilst
enjoying a holiday to the destination of your choice?

Contiki Tours, Intrepid and Top Deck Tours, to mention a few, have been
bringing young travellers together for decades, and we genuinely know from our
personal experience.

Ciao Travel have been arranging these awe-inspiring holidays for our youth travellers for decades, in fact we have also travelled on these tours ourselves.

Let us share some time with you to avoid any unwanted surprises whilst on the road!

Assistance with budgeting to maximize experiences and funds, air travel, day excursions and accommodation, that all ties in with your tour.

Family Coach Tours

Travelling as a family can be a fabulous rewarding experience, and does not have to be associated with a “Lampoon” style vacation! even though there may be a frustration over the odd hiccup! just laugh it off.

The experiences from our enjoyable family holidays with young children, are treasured with us all forever, and often fondly reflected on.

Ciao Travel team is here for you, to assist in planning your family holiday!

  • Gladiator School and Pizza making class in Rome,
  • Meet a Cowboy in the Wild West,
  • Wild Animals, Jungles and Volcanoes,
  • A Bike Rides through a palace garden,
  • Greek Island Hopping
  • Harry Potter Highlights
  • Castles, Kilts and Leprechauns,
  • A day at a favourite amusement park

We offer family tours for a variety of durations to a variety of destinations, that will let you rediscover the joy of travel as a family and to make memories of your own of magical moments spent together.

Travelling with children and taking the time to see places through their eyes, is the best grounding lesson of all, as they always notice the most amusing things that we adults often miss out on by not being in the moment!


Our Suggestions for a Successful Family Holiday.

  • Don’t “Wing It” make sure you have a plan for the trip.
  • Be flexible and stay light-hearted,
  • Minimise the ground to cover and enjoy simplicity at an even travel pace.
  • Travel for quality not quantity,
  • Take heaps of photos..