Where is Beyond?

Beyond is any destination you desire to visit, anywhere in the world…

Travel does have the ability to captivate and we have all heard the terminology of having a case of the “Travel Bug”. It is a fact and usually becomes apparent after the first or second trip, and then you become fixed on where to go next!

Where do you want to go?

What about New Zealand for breathtaking snow peaked mountain, vast natural beauty, fun outdoor activities and some great wines?

Maybe you would like to explore Japan for a cultural immersion that is bountiful and vibrant with tradition, character and wonderful surprises; taste the delicate cuisine; stay in one of the many spa retreats and be entertained by cheeky snow-monkeys?

Or take a trip of a lifetime to see the untouched frontiers, remote outposts and quaint seaside towns of Canada and Alaska, offering genuine hospitality, magnificent marine and wildlife viewing, and the sense of insignificance when cruising up close to one of the many glaciers.

Somewhere exotic like the Maldives to relax in the privacy of your over-water bungalow or on a white sandy beach, to swim in the turquoise waters and feast on delicious fresh seafood?

If you are not sure where to travel on your next trip, our travel specialists are sure to suggest the many options available, designed to suite all tastes and modes of travel, for you to see the world beyond by …

  • Embarking on a coach or small group tour to explore in style,
  • Take a prestige train journey to capture spectacular landscapes whilst travelling in first class comfort,
  • Cruise the seas and rivers in opulence stopping off to enjoy many exquisite places,
  • Or fly on your favourite primary airline to connect, discover and engage with your destination.


Ciao Travel is your one-stop-shop when it comes to customising a great itinerary, that is fitted out with a choice of Flights, Accommodation, Tours, Rail, Car Hire, Transfers, Travel Insurance and any other required services.

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