Britain & Ireland

When travelling to Britain and Ireland, we shall be happy to share our personalized knowledge on places to stay and the finest way to explore these countries.

The British Isles consist of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island and the Republic of Ireland is independent. Each of the countries have been luring travellers for hundreds of years; who come to explore for a variety of reasons, be it ancestry or through their own curiosity and eagerness to learn more about new cultures, arts, history, science, architecture, food and brews, that is unique to each country.

Where in Britain and Ireland would you like to go?

Ciao Travel’s team wish to share our knowledge on the highlights of visiting England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, from our own personalised experiences; places to stay; exploring beautiful historical cities and towns; intriguing UNESCO and ancient sites; monuments, museums and galleries; local places to taste delicious cuisine and the hidden gems on the not-so-travelled-road.

Customising itineraries based on a travellers preference is highly prioritised by our team, with the consideration of quality and value for money, to ensure a successful journey.


England has always inspired visitors by iconic landmarks and expanses of gorgeous natural landscape. When one thinks of England the first vision is the buzzing capital London, a city of history, many monumental treasures and cutting-edge fashion and food; then ones thoughts drift to the countryside of patchwork fields and elegant country gardens, quaint villages and towns, a rich tapestry of dialects, which seem to change in the space of a few miles!


Scotland is a land of ancient castles, misty lochs, wild deer and a hills carpeted in heather. It is also a country with buzzing cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, beautiful rugged Highlands and untouched islands, pristine beaches. It is a wonderful destination to explore, enjoy some hiking, play some golf or even go dolphin or Loch Ness Monster spotting!


Wales is a country of spectacular rugged landscapes from snow-capped peaks to wild coastline, ideal for those who love walking and trekking. Turn off to enjoy the compact country and explore untouched valleys and sleepy villages. Or visit Cardiff the raring-to-go capital that is packed with Victorian shopping arcades and a vibrant cultural scene. For north Wales to the south there is more that 600 castles and World Heritage Sites to discover.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland‘s magical landscapes make you believe there could be fantasy, from forbidden forests to sweeping glacial valleys, a perfect location for the Game of Thrones trilogy! Take in the captivating Giant’s Causeway, a celebrated natural wonder, and fee the sea-spray off the Atlantic. Belfast the capital to the fun-filled Derry – nicknamed ‘Legenderry‘ by locals, the scenery is beautiful. Northern Island is the place for a hit of golf, or visit a pub for traditional music and “great craic”, a term affectionately given by the locals for a good time.

Whether you want to hit a golf ball around a world-class golf course or hit the pub for a ‘trad’ music session, you’re in for some great craic on the affectionately known ‘Emerald Isle’.


Ireland is enchanting! Capturing the spectacular scenery and the culture is captivating, the people are welcoming, and this all cannot be precisely portrayed in words, one needs to visit Ireland for the memories to last a life time.  

Breath in the wild Atlantic fresh sea air of Ireland’s coast from the magnificent Cliffs of Moher, there are many spectacular inlets and coves to explore, like those found on the beautiful Ring of Kerry. Throughout the rolling country hills in varied colours of green, are beautiful residences and immaculate gardens, ancient history captured in castles and Celtic ruins and to top it all off, Ireland now boast modern Irish cuisine with home-grown ingredients, innovative chefs, and an epicurean paradise. Dublin, the capital where Viking history lurks, modern and ancient buildings stand next to each other, and there is many national monuments, museums and pubs where music can be enjoyed.

Ireland from the South to the North is an incredible destination to explore.
There is a saying in the Gaelic language, “Cead Mile Failte”, meaning, “One hundred thousand welcomes”.

There is a saying in Irish Gaelic language, 
“Cead Mile Failte”, 
meaning, “One Hundred Thousand Welcomes”.

How do your wish to travel?

When planning your trip, a relaxing option is a Luxury Group Tour where you enjoy many spectacular places and are introduced to wonderful encounters, stay in charming high quality hotels, travel in modern coaches, mini-coach or on an opulent rail journey. Luxury tours ensure you receive the best value for money in the care of knowledgeable representatives.

Travelling independently may be your preference to allow for some freedom and a little adventure. Hiring a rental vehicle for Self-Drive Touring is a flexible way to travel, where you can stop-off at leisure. Rail Travel is relaxing and easy, especially with extensive networks operating throughout the country, enables you to travel almost anywhere.

To simplify your trip planning, we can pre-arrange accommodation in some wonderful locations and introduce you to amazing local guides for sightseeing excursions and activities, so you have more time to explore and enjoy than waste time searching for yourself.

There is a multiple choice of day tours and short duration excursions to enable you to cover some ground whilst enjoying the destination; from walking tours, bike tours, tours with transport; garden tours, tours to ancient site and national monuments; or food, whiskey and brews.