What Type of Tour Best Suite You?

Choose here and read more Small Group in Style Tour or an Adventure Tour

Let us assist you with making the right decision to ensure you choose the best and most comfortable experience to travel with ease.

Small Group in Style Experiences

Experience a more personalized style of tour by indulging in the comforts of an inspiring Small Group in Style Tour with a group of less than 20 people.

We can offer a variety of tours and destinations, fully inclusive of excellent quality boutique accommodation, intimate sightseeing, opportunities to meet local specialists, most meals and interactive and interesting itineraries for a variety of destinations.

Where do you wish to take a Small Group Tour?

Australia, Europe, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and beyond…

On a Small Group Tour you will enjoy many chances to feed your curiosity for discovery, and be able to step through your journey at a slow pace. There will be time in the company of your group to learn about the local traditions, crafts, history and cuisine and time to be alone to explore for on your own. 

Adventure Tour

Adventure tours are generally designed for Small Groups and travellers of all ages who wish to learn more about themselves, as well as broadening one’s mind on the destination they are travelling.

It is an opportunity to challenge ones fears, curiosities and uncertainties and to travel somewhere new.

The choice and concept of the tour is to ensure fun and support with other like-minded travellers. Through your adventure touring experience, you should come away with an unperceived understanding of the culture visited and gaining your own ability to adapt with a confidence to move on to your next venture in life!

It is a time to switch off from routines and compulsive technology habits we associate as important in life, go off the radar and switch into the being in the moment, a new world, a time to free your mind and soul, and breath.

Adventure Touring is a popular and fun way to travel and we can assist with helping you choose and book the appropriate trip suitable for you. We work only with reputable operators that are environmentally responsible, care for sustainability of the destinations local communities.