Walking Or Cycling In Nature

Nothing is more appealing than being able to interact physically, enjoy the fresh air, get up closer to the environment and enjoy once-in-lifetime-moments, by means of an outdoor activity, whilst on holiday.

Walking Tours

Participating in a Walking Tour is a great opportunity to really immerse into the destination, whether it is a day tour or a tour that stretches over a longer duration. Ciao Travel have a wide variety of Walking Tours we can offer that are suitable to different walking abilities, and tour grading in Australia, Europe, Britain and Beyond.

Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours are an excellent way to see and feel the environment you wish to explore. Like the Walking Tours, we also offer a variety of Bike or Cycling Tours, suitable to all standards, for different durations and tour grading in Australia, Europe, Britain and Beyond.

How fit do you need to be for a Walking or Cycling Tour? As training is not really necessary, this will depend on the level of walking tour or cycling required on your holiday; and will also depend on how much you want to get out of the trip.

The Walking and Cycling Tours are available in small groups with a professional guide or their is the option to book a self-guided tour where you are presented with a customized itinerary and other services included in the specific tour, depending on the destination. Whichever you chose, it is really a fabulous and memorable opportunity to experience.