River & Canal Cruises

Cruising into holiday mode is easy on board one of the many waterway cruising options we can offer you, and cruising the rivers, canals and many beautiful waterways of Europe, Britain and other world locations, is an ultimate holiday experience. On this holiday you can put you bags down once and for the remainder enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the landscape from the comfort of your chosen vessel. This is a vacation where you only have to unpack once and then for the rest of the trip just kick back, relax and enjoy.


Luxury River Cruising

Imagine the pure bliss of taking a Luxury River Cruise? We take pride in offering a varied reputable choice of luxury river cruise companies throughout Europe and beyond. Each of these cruise companies have inclusive itineraries,  with a  selection of durations and destinations, that are suitable for discovering the river ports and picturesque cities, towns, villages and rural landscapes.

The Experience of Luxury River Cruising is truly unique, a time to indulge in the luxury comforts provided by theses magnificent floating hotels, designed with elegance and state-of-the-art amenities to ensure their guests comfort. Their attention to guest needs is supported by the impeccable service provided by the ships crew throughout the cruise holiday.

The Amenities that feature on each ship consist of multiple lounges; a choice of restaurants serving fresh local and international cuisine; a bar lounge; fitness gymnasium; massage, hair and beauty salon; library and lecture and entertainment facilities. On the open-air decks you can enjoy the magnificent and often breathtaking views, while relaxing in a deck chair, or in the out door restaurant or cafes, with commentaries of the sights in passing shared by the Tour Director. Some ships have the luxury of a swimming pool, whirlpools or jacuzzi.

Your Accommodation on board your luxury river cruise is not only your room; it is your private retreat. You can choose from several categories of rooms, being luxurious spacious suites with balconies, luxurious suites with panoramic windows, or double bed and twin bed cabins with a smaller style window. All cabins will feature modern conveniences and private bathrooms.

Sightseeing and activities whilst on tour are designed for an intimate understanding of each destination. Therefore, a choice of these shore excursions are available according to interest, fitness and expectation, ensuring you discover the destination at the right pace for you. Your ships Tour Director will assist you with your shore excursions and friendly local professional guides will take you touring through their hometowns and regions sharing insights that only a local could offer.

Special Event Cruises are scheduled each year, so you can indulge your passions and interests with other like-minded passengers on a unique and exciting special departure cruise.


Luxury Hotel Barge Cruises

Leisurely unwind and enjoy the unique experience of a Luxury Hotel Barge Cruise whilst meandering down the inland waterways of Europe, Britain and Ireland. Exploring life along the scenic and enchanting rivers, canals and lakes, is truly intimate and magnificent holiday, a way to culturally interact with the destination visited.

We offer a variety of barge cruising itineraries that differ with inclusions, destinations visited and of course the vessel size and standard of luxury. The inclusive itineraries are for those of you wishing to explore intimately, with other like-minded passengers or a private small group, the spirit of what the river regions offer culturally; all whilst receiving impeccable service by the crew on board.

These unique cruises provide luxury accommodation, comfortable recreational areas inside and on deck, also the opportunity to visit large towns and small villages, local markets, eat regional cuisine, take in some wine tasting or cycling along a country path, all at your own leisurely pace.


Canal Boat Holiday Rentals

Renting a Canal Boat is a fun way to holiday casually as a couple, family or with friends. There are numerous locations to choose from in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, England and Ireland with plenty of villages to explore, countryside and sights to see along the way.

Enjoy the opportunities for leisurely swimming, bike riding, meeting people and if you wish, to encounter a market, a festival and other social events worth experiencing.  We will be happy to share our personal knowledge of this holidaying experience in assisting you with choosing a location and a suitable vessel.

Private lessons and a ‘Handbook’ will be provided on your first day, so you will feel confident on how to drive your canal boat and operate the locks. Passing through the locks is an interesting experience, as some are automatic, some are hand-operated, and others are controlled by a lock keeper; most prefer the latter!

These vessels are fully self-contained with equipped kitchens, beds, bathrooms and linen, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. Supplies and other items you require prior to boarding your canal boat, can be pre arranged in advance. Some companies offer a ‘Shopping List’ for supplies to be pre-purchased and placed on your boat ready for your arrival. Bicycle hire can be pre-booked and is a wonderful and flexible mode of transport for seeing the area when moored.


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