River & Canal Cruises

Cruising along the rivers, canals and many beautiful waterways throughout Europe, Britain and Asia is an ultimate relaxing holiday experience. You put your bags down once and for the remainder of the trip you enjoy the destinations that sail by, whilst in luxury… simply bliss!


Luxury River Cruising 

Imagine the delight of being on a Luxury River Cruise in Europe or Asia

The experience of Luxury River Cruising is truly unique, a time to indulge in the lavish comforts provided by any of these magnificent floating hotels.

  • Avalon, APT, Botanica (APT Garden Tours & Cruises), CoisiEurope, Crystal River Cruises, 
  • Travelmarvel, Scenic, Tauck, Viking, Uniworld, Pandaw River Cruises

Designed with elegance and state-of-the-art amenities each company strives to ensure their guests fulfilment. Their attention to guest needs is supported by the impeccable service delivered by the ship’s crew during the cruise to ensure the cruising dream.

Sightseeing and activities whilst on tour are designed for an intimate understanding of each destination.There are choices of shore excursions and activities available, to ensure you discover the destination at leisure.

  • Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland


Luxury Barge Cruising

Leisurely unwind and enjoy the unique experience of a Luxury Hotel Barge Cruise whilst meandering down the inland waterways of Europe, Britain and Ireland. Exploring life along the scenic and enchanting rivers, canals and lakes, is truly intimate and a brilliant experience, a way to interact with the culture of the destination visited.

We offer a variety of barge cruising itineraries that differ with inclusions, destinations visited and of course the vessel size and standard of luxury. The inclusive itineraries are for those of you wishing to explore intimately, with other like-minded passengers or a private group of friends or family, the spirit of what the river regions offer culturally; all whilst receiving impeccable service by the crew on board.

These unique cruises provide luxury accommodation, comfortable recreational areas inside and on deck, also the opportunity to visit towns and small villages, local markets, eat regional cuisine, savour the local wine or brew or take a bike and go cycling along a country path, it is all about being in a leisurely pace.



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