Travel Insurance



Purchasing comprehensive travel insurance is a mandatory recommendation for your peace of mind and protection whilst on holiday, and best considered at the same time of paying your first deposit.

Before you purchase an insurance cover with us, we recommend that you thoroughly read over the policy.  It is important when purchasing travel insurance that you choose a policy that adequately covers your needs, for the full duration you are away.

We recommend you do not choose a policy influenced by price, as in the case of an unexpected incident occurring, you want to be covered!, as the policy cost will most likely be minimal in comparison to the unknown costs of the incident!

It is essential when purchasing travel insurance that you advise us of any pre-existing illnesses, as the insurance company may require you to complete a medical assessment.

We offer Travel Insurance for Australian residents designed specifically for worldwide and Australian domestic travel. For non-Australian residents we can offer a policy for travel to and within Australia for certified age limit and periods of stay.

Whilst on holiday we recommend you carry your travel insurance policy and assistance card with you at all times, as proof of cover, in case an emergency arises.

We offer three unbiased recommendations for travel insurance, all extremely reputable companies, covering all the main requirements and offering excellent emergency assistance worldwide.


Remember, your choice of insurance company should be based on your requirements for your holiday.

  • QBE Travel Insurance

  • CHI Travel Insurance

  • Cover.More Travel Insurance

Each of the above companies will offer their own special benefits, and those who wish to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points may accrue these when purchasing a policy with a specific company.

For a quote, information on policy types and to issue online please click on your preference of insurance company.

Or contact us for a quote - 03 5250 1111.