Rail travel is an excellent way to enjoy a journey and view the spectacular scenery along the way. There is quite a variety of passes offering freedom and flexibility for longer periods of travel.  A choice of routes and frequent services operating reliably every day between most destinations, along with High Speed trains servicing major cities and towns throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and other major world destinations. Overnight services are also available for longer journeys with the comfort of private cabins in both first and second class; and reclining seats in second class.

To assist in making longer durations affordable in Europe and Britain we offer a variety of Eurail and Brit Rail passes, at competitive prices, suitable for individuals of all ages and groups. The pre-booking of sector fares and seating to coincide with the rest of your plans, is a service we offer to tie in all holiday plans.

Benefits and Bonus Offers are available with most passes, so we recommend that you leave rail arrangements in our hands, as our expertise with booking rail is our forte and will save you time!


Ciao Experience:

We can tailor a personal itinerary for you by combining any of the ‘Rail passes, sectors and tours’ with a variety of ‘Travel Services’ and our own collection of intimate hotels, villas, apartments, tours and other programs available in Italy, Europe, and Britain and beyond.


  • When requesting a reservation for 'Rail Journeys, Passes & Tickets' we require this service to be booked with other travel services.

Please contact us for more information on all rail services.