Family Travel

Travelling with youngsters and teenagers on a family vacation does not have to be associated with a “Lampoon” style vacation, even though there may be guaranteed frustrations over your odd doosy!

The experiences from our enjoyable family holidays with young children, and now teenagers and young adults, can be of assistance in planning yours!

It is always great travelling with children and taking the time to see places through their eyes, as they always notice the most amusing things that we as adults can often miss from not being in the moment!


Here are some helpful ingredients for the fun ‘Family Holiday Recipe’

  • To have a plan for the trip, and not just wing it.
  • Flexibility in the planning to accommodate the interests of each family member, 
  • Leave the expectations of each other at home,
  • Try to not cover too much ground whilst on the trip - keep an even pace,
  • Stay light-hearted,
  • Travel for quality not quantity,
  • Take heaps of photos of one another.
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