Special Interest

Private Groups with a common Special Interest 

Are you or your group wishing to include a special interest on your trip?

Customizing itineraries to include special interests and introduce cultural activities, events and experiences is a service we enjoy assisting our clients in achieving, where physically possible.

Our luxury Mini-Tours can also be for Special Interest private groups.


Garden Tours

Gardens and people have come together since the beginning of time from simply being able to provide food for the table to their vast therapeutic qualities, insightful creativity and to expressing stately prestige. Therefore, gardens big or small have the ability to touch us all in some way.

Our day excursions in Italy, Europe, Britain and some other place beyond, visit a selection of the most beautiful and eminent gardens in Italy, on either our Mini-Group Tours or on private excursions. These tours are designed specifically for keen gardeners and admirers of gardens, and for those interested in design, architecture and history.

Gardening is our passion, so we are happy to assist you with ticking off your “gardens to visit list”.


Creativity Tours

For the Artist and those who wish to immerse themselves in some artwork or hobby, surrounded by the splendid scenery of vineyards, olive groves and medieval villages. These tours allow you to share time with a local artist and work from these special locations.


For more information on Special Interest touring please contact us