Special Interests

Customizing itineraries to include special interests and introduce cultural activities, events and experiences is our specialty. For those of you wishing to include a special interest on your trip, as an Independent Traveller, Leisure or Interest Group, please feel welcome to approach us, as we shall be more than happy to assist you in making your request a reality.


Outdoors & Adventure

If you or your group are enthusiastic about the outdoors and wish to experience the environment of your chosen destination for some adventure or activity, e.g., walking or hiking; fishing; canoeing; bird and or animal watching; mountain or volcano climbing; flora appreciation; it will be a pleasure to assist you.


Gardens & Gardeners

Gardens and people have come together since the beginning of time from simply being able to provide food for the table to their vast therapeutic qualities. Gardens big or small have the ability to touch us all in some way.

Private Gardens and Botanical Gardens around the world offer the advantage for all visitors to experience their beauty and vast plant collections and Europe and Britain are no exception.

Throughout Europe and Britain, you can visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world and for some, more famously known, they have attracted visitors for centuries to admire and study their sophisticated and charming structures, themes, history and profusion of plant varieties.

Garden Tours

For all you keen gardeners and admirers of gardens, wishing to visit one or more of these magnificent places in Europe, Britain and beyond, we can arrange tours to select gardens offering the services of a professional guide and transport.

Alternatively, where we are unable to offer a guided tour, it will be our pleasure to advise you of gardens worth visiting on your travels in your final travel documents. Visiting beautiful gardens and gardening are an interest we enjoy and love to share, as it has in the past been kindly shared with us.