Food & Wine Tours in Italy and Europe

Experiencing the foods of different countries when we travel, is very much part of the journey along with the understanding of the culture involved presenting their local cuisine. Traditionally the cuisine of a culture reflects the produce availability in their region geographically and environmentally along with their history, religion and traditions.

Cooking courses are loads of fun and a wonderful opportunity to learn local cuisines of the country you are visiting, it is also a very memorable way to spend some time together as a small group of friends or family. For those of you who are serious about your food and cooking, participating in a class will whet your appetite and enhance your creativity by the simplicity and care taken for traditional regional, and sometimes family, recipes.


Italian Food and Wine

The Italian people show an individualism and vibrancy with an appetite for life’s good things, especially their cuisine. Italy is a land where there is never a lack of good food, as first described by the XIV century writer Giovanni Boccaccio “The Land of Milk and Honey”.

Gastronomy tours include tasting wines, olive oils, and seasonal produce like chestnuts, hazelnuts, mushrooms, honey, truffles, fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide variety of pasta, meats, cheeses, breads, cakes and chocolate. The varied aspects of the preparation of these foods offered by the local chefs are to be experienced on your holiday.

Cooking Courses starting from half-day to one week, all take place in the homely kitchens of our hosts. They provide an insight into the regional food and wine with the opportunity to understand the preparation of traditional and regional dishes. Some of our courses involve visiting a local market for the introduction to the produce required for your course recipe; this makes for an exceptionally interesting and fun experience.

Buon apetito! At the end of each course, you will sit down to the delicious meal you have prepared accompanied by local wines.

Food & Wine Tours range from half-day to one week or more (flexible), allowing time to discover not only the famous but also the favourite regional wines. This is the opportunity to visit renowned vineyards and traditional family fattorie.

Come stay on one of the family-owned vineyards and enjoy the luxury of the charming accommodation amongst the blissful tranquility of the beautiful countryside. During your stay you can enjoy the added experience of a winery tour and a cooking class.

If you prefer not to cook and just relax, we can organize a private chef. Yes, at some of our properties we can even offer the services of a private chef, who will come to your villa, and prepare delicious Italian meals including all fresh seasonal produce.

Here we share some of our popular gourmet and winery excursions in Italy.



Rome Culinary Markets & PizzaTour

Experience the cuisine, wine and coffee, as the Romans love to do! Stroll through open-air markets, visit food stores and an old bakery to see firsthand how pizza is made, and step into one of Rome’s oldest and most famous delicatessens.

This tour will have you savoring some typical Roman specialties including local red, white and sparkling wines; the famous “Pizza Bianca”, a simple pizza with olive oil and salt that is a favorite Roman treat, as well as local artisan cheeses and salami. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we have gelato and a coffee; all in the relaxed atmosphere that gives you time to chat with your guide about the culinary traditions to understand the culture.

Whilst tasting you way through the tour, you will also enjoying the enticing beauty of the art and history of many different sites throughout the city. 


Intimate group size - maximum of 8-10 participants. 

Duration - 3 hours - meeting at 12:30 (central location).

Operating - Wednesday and Saturday.

Includes - food and wine tasting and sit down dinner.



Evening Food Stroll 

An experience to enjoy the essences of life that is important to Italians and is about, engaging your five senses on this irresistible stroll combing art, food and wine.

Accompanied by your guide through the cobbled streets of Rome, passing medieval architecture, colourful facades of buildings, and being a part of the bustling daily life, the rhythmic habits, traditions and pleasures Romans cannot do without. A time to discover one of Rome’s oldest areas, inhabited since very remote times, by native and foreign communities, a part of the city that has remained unchanged, an area once home to Roman nobility and their luxurious villas and now popular with artists and those who love the bohemian atmosphere.

You will have several breaks from all the walking and the story telling in this ancient neighbourhood to enjoy some of the best food and wines that Rome can offer. Typical to Rome you have the opportunity to try a variety of pasta dishes and pizza, local cheeses and salami, accompanied by superb local wines and followed by a selection of delicious local pastries, refreshing gelato, mouth-watering chocolate, and concluding with coffee. Don’t miss the chance of living an exciting evening out just like the Romans do!

Intimate group size - maximum of 8-10 participants. 

 Duration - 3 hours - meeting at 4:30pm.

Operating – Tuesday and Friday.

Includes - food and wine tasting and sit down dinner.

Reservations are necessary to ensure you place for fun on our tours.

Bon Appetito!