Gaby & Andrea. Victoria, Australia. Destination - England, Scotland, Ireland & France.


After the first trip to Europe we organised with Cindy, we decided to go back to Paris as well as to the UK. We loved Paris so much the first time (even though we never had any intention of originally going there) we couldn’t resist going back to explore some of the things we missed, such as the Opera Garnier and Monet’s Garden. Cindy booked us the same hotel – Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche – which we fell in love with the first time.

We also decided to go to London and then on to Ireland and Scotland. There was some difficulty with the weather over there at the time of booking and mix ups with whether rooms were available or not, but Cindy straightened everything out for us and we didn’t have to worry for one second. As opposed to our previous trips with Ciao Travel, we didn’t have all our days scheduled with activities, but even so Cindy gave us the perfect amount of time in every place we went to so we had time to explore everything we wanted to. The highlight for us was not being on a huge tour group where you are herded about but the fact we had the freedom to stop and explore wherever we wanted. One stunning spot is the Tollymore Forest Park in Northern Ireland, which is a must see if you’re up that way. Glencoe is an equally beautiful spot if you find yourself in the Scottish Highlands.


Be aware that Ireland and Northern Ireland have different currency (although near the border both may be accepted). Similarly, Scotland accepts British Pounds but not everywhere in England will accept Pound Sterling.

Get a car and take day trips around the various counties, you’ll never know what you’ll stumble across.

Anyone who is a fan or Game of Thrones, or just a tour of beautiful countryside, there are a number of day tours originating in both Belfast and Dublin that are definitely worth checking out.