Gift Registry For Travel

Special Occasions are always memorable events, no matter how we choose to celebrate them, and then there is the decision of the gift!

The gift can be an awkward topic to mention to guests, as most of us feel impolite to offer a suggestion.

For the guest the uncertainty of knowing the right gift to buy for someone, can be often very difficult.

In celebrating your own special occasion, and wishing to avoid the gift request situation, we can assist you with a travel fund in lieu of a gift being purchased. All gift amounts are considered a generous contribution towards a future holiday, in memory of your occasion from someone special.

If you are a guest invited to a special occasion and cannot decide on a gift suitable, then why not treat them to a ‘Gift Registry’ which will contribute towards a special holiday in memory of you and your kind thought in celebrating their special occasion.

Contact us for full details on how it works and refer to our Booking Conditions for further details.