Cultural Day Excursions

Ciao City Stays

Our City Stays Packages in Europe offer personalized services with our own local representatives, when you choose to say Ciao to one or more of the fascinating cities on your itinerary plan for Europe and beyond.  A choice of boutique hotels and guided tours and or activities are included in the company of our local representatives.

Say Ciao to Rome, Naples, Florence, Milan, Venice, Torino, Verona, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Belfast, London and Edinburgh and our list goes on!

Package Your Stay With Us

  • City stays minimum duration is 3 nights
  • Private tours with professional guides, entrance fees and reservations
  • Inclusive of accommodation, private transfers, sightseeing and food and activity tours
  • Tours are all accompanied by our local representatives

Our city stays will have you falling in love with the destination, as we treat you to the best of the best, when visiting each of the amazing cities.

Try out the local culture on one of our private or small group tours that will take you to some interesting neighbourhoods where you will meet local people who are artisans, chefs and store owners along with visiting some of the most inspiring galleries and museums and to see incredible masterpieces.

Ciao Day Excursions

You can say ‘Ciao’ to a selection of Italy’s historical cities, famous sites, palaces and gardens, on one of our half or full day private or semi-private tours.

We can offer you a brilliant selection of tours and activities, all customized, especially for the traveller that really wants to indulge into the cultural. We shall match you up with an ideal professional guide (walking tours) or driver-guide (chauffeured day excursions) together with a customized tour. Our professional guides all have a special gift when sharing their stories and vast knowledge to make all these magnificent places come alive.

Special Interest Tours for individuals or private groups.

Day Excursions Worldwide

Make the most of the destination you are visiting by planning in advance!

Why not say Ciao! to the destination you are next visiting and really get the most out of your visit by learning more about culture or simply enjoying the food, an activity or pursuing a hobby.

There is a whole showcase of quality tours available to enhance your holiday and inspire you with many surprises beheld by the destination chosen.  We have access to tours all around the world operated by reputable companies.