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Let us paint the scene from north to south. Italy is a country of contrasts and mapped in the shape of a boot!

The north is the home of the snow-capped Dolomites and the scenery is spectacular, with the beautiful lakes, vineyards and green pastures.

The coastlines of the Adriatic and Mediterranean are dotted with many colourful fishing villages clinging to the rugged cliffs and enchanting bays, laced with lively harbours and beaches that become a hive of activity during the warmer months.

Down through the central regions amidst rolling hills and mountain ranges, are farmlands outlined by pencil pines and intertwined by a patchwork of olive groves, vineyards and seasonal crops.

Finally, there is the southern region basking in the sun with the exotic influences of many cultures and traditions derived from a multitude of invaders over the centuries.

Every village and town throughout Italy has captivating splashes of colour from the cascading flowers in ceramic pots, ancient stone buildings with vibrant painted doors and window shutters that open out onto narrow cobbled streets, zippy, Vespas parked casually or whizzing past, chequered table clothes set for al fresco dining and communal piazzas buzzing with activity.

Italy is also cities clothed in the majestic splendours of ancient and modern, steeped in history, art, fashion, culture and intrigue. A lifetime spent in one of these cities would never be long enough to discover and capture all it has to offer, but the pleasure of a short time to taste only a fragment would last in one’s memory forever.

Every day one’s senses are assaulted by the excitement and anticipation that one feels for the start of a new day, and in Italy, those senses come alive from sunrise to well after sunset. The musical sounds of life, the unforgettable tolling of church bells campanile, the zoom and putt putt of motor vehicles, laughter, chatter, whistling and singing. The delightful aromas of food preparation that escape from every cake shop, bakery, ristorante, and family cucina, along with the alluring smell of coffee is very much part of everyday life. So, as a visitor to Italy, take time to sit back and watch the world go by, immerse yourself in some of these daily pleasures and from this you will be blessed with a souvenir of life’s precious simplicities.